The Balancing Act Of Dealing With World Leaders

Business and politics are always heavily intertwined. It need not be VIPs such as the Ex’s Bush and Cheney. Politics and business find each other in small towns. A parking lot that is too small may get an extension if the people who can authorize such an extension are your friends. If you don’t have friends in such places, you seek them out and present your agenda as beneficial to the local business community. You may even mention a free cup of coffee and donut whenever he is in the area or perhaps a hefty donation to his son’s Little League team. A burgeoning partnership is born. At the next town meeting, poker faces will protect the involved parties from betraying their own interests. When it comes to business, having a poker face may or may not be an asset. When it comes to politics, a poker face is a must.

Politics start in local governments. Locally is where actions can still be somewhat controlled, where true democracy can still be heard. When former president G. W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney conducted political deals with leaders from other countries, is surely involved the same kind of one-hand-washes-the-other on more than one occasion. The only difference is that the language changes. It is now called diplomacy.

There Are Times When Poker Faces Are Detrimental.

The time when honest, open faces, faces that can be read like a book, are a true asset is when dealing with equally honest and honorable people. When vying for votes for political office it is also very important to give the impression of openness. It would probably be very disenfranchising to anyone running for public office to hold their poker hand too close to their vests.

When Is The Game Of Poker More Than Just A Game?

Let’s face it, no one likes it when the other person is always guarded and doesn’t give out any kind of signal with reference to where the stand on an issue, what they like or dislike, whether they like or dislike us. In the Bush-Cheney political arena, there certainly were times when poker moves, bluffs, threats, and masks were necessary to achieve their agenda. Spies, for instance – and I am sure every country in the world has them – would be totally ineffective if they would not be able to wear their masks very well in order to gain whatever it is they seek for their country.

Sometimes The Poker Faces Are Not Hiding Anything At All.

The trick to wearing a good poker face is to confuse the opposition. Never let your opponent know which face is truly yours. Smiling all the time may be just as effective as a surly look. In fact, smiling can be more confusing than looking stern. Smiling is the societal expression of friendliness. For that reason, a constantly smiling face is more dangerous because it plays with our own emotions. We do have a weapon in our arsenal, however, at least to use against most every-day masks. The weapon is a piece of wisdom handed to us directly by Shakespeare, I believe: They eyes are the windows to the soul.

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