Texas Holdem Hand Rankings at Showdown

In Texas Holdem poker, a set of five cards forms a hand. Poker players combine their pocket cards and the community cards in order to make the best hand. At showdown, the hands from the players who have stayed in the hand are compared for strength, with the strongest Texas Holdem hand winning.

The lowest-valued hand in Texas Holdem poker is the high card. High card is a collection of card that does not possess any pairs, and is neither numerically coordinated nor is it suited. In a poker hand such as A-T-5-3-2, this combination of cards would be known as Ace high.

After the high card is a single pair. A pair consists of two cards holding the same value. A hand such as 3-3-5-2-4 would be considered a pair of threes.

Next to it is the Two Pair where two set of identically ranked cards plus one other card makes the hand. For example, 5-5-3-3-A would be two pair, as the hand contains a pair of fives and a pair of threes.

The Three of a Kind follows, having three cards of the same rank on www.FullTiltPoker.net plus two other cards. 5-5-5-2-A would be considered three of a kind. This hand beats two pair, one pair, and high card poker hands.

The Straight is five consecutive cards from any suit. A-2-3-4-5 is a straight. The Flush, on the other hand, has any five cards from the same suit. Higher than the Flush is Full House, which is Three of a Kind but the other two cards are identical as well. A hand containing A-A-A-33 is a full house.

After the Full House is Four of a Kind. When a player has four of a kind (also known as quads), they possess all four of the same card. A hand containing Q-Q-Q-Q-3 is considered four of a kind. Following quads on the hand-ranking chart is the Straight Flush. A straight flush possesses the characteristics of a straight in the same suit. A hand such as 8-9-10-J-Q in all spades is a straight flush. Finally comes the Royal Flush, which is the strongest showdown hand in poker. A straight flush contains exactly A-K-Q-J-10 all in the same suit.

Settling Issues at Showdown

In the event that two players have the latest FullTiltPoker.net Download and have the same hand, the values of the cards are taken into consideration. If players have One Pair hands, the player with the highest-valued pair wins, regardless of the other three cards they have. If two players have the same pair, the values of other three cards will be compared. The same will happen for Two Pair showdowns, but the rest of the hands will unlikely have the same scenario. If a board reads 3-3-9-9-2 and two players showdown with two pair, the player with the highest kicker wins. Thus, a player holding A-6 in their hand would out kick or beat a player holding K-Q on this board because the ace high beats king high.

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