Picking up on Betting Patterns in Fixed Limit

Watching for patterns in opposing Full Tilt Poker player’s play is perhaps the best way to gain an edge against your opposition. Many players spend a significant amount of time attempting to perfect their poker face, looking to identify, reduce, and eliminate any physical tells they give off. While eliminating tells is not simple, it is just as difficult to eliminate patterned behavior during a poker game. Many poker players fail to become creative and deceptive. Watching for predictable poker players can help you pad your bottom line.

By nature, people tend to act the same in similar conditions. Behavior is somewhat predictable. When paying attention, you will notice players only entering the pot with a top ten hand when playing under the gun. Other players may raise from late position and bet out only when they flop a draw, while checking when the board hits them. Still other players may bet automatically on the flop, or even when checked to. Each of these patterns says something about our opposition’s game. When patterns of this nature are identified, it takes a small amount of effort to exploit these patterns.

How to Exploit Betting Patterns

After identifying betting patterns in our opposition, we want to devise a strategy to punish them for playing predictable. When encountering a player who bets draws, putting in a raise behind them when you suspect they are drawing. When the turn comes, bet out and watch them fold. Other players get into the habit of raising with superior preflop hands such as Ace – Queen suited, yet they check when they are without a pair and holding overs to the board. Betting out on the flop regardless of your holdings will pressure these weak players into folding when they miss. In the event they hit the FullTiltPoker.net board, they will often raise. Over the long haul, this move is profitable when encountering the player who habitually checks when flopping overs after a preflop raise.

Other players play top hands from early position, betting when they miss, checking when they hit. When encountering this player, check behind when checked to while raising when they lead out. They will become frustrated while watching you take their money, wondering how it is you have their number.

By identifying trends in opposing player’s poker play, we can devise a strategy to maximize our profits against these predictable players by punishing them with tactics designed to exploit their ABC poker play.

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