HIPAA Compliant Messaging

messaging Searching for a new HIPAA compliant text messaging services is wise for anyone managing a medical or insurance office. There are many private records that must pass through your system every day, and you are not in compliance with HIPAA if you have not purchased a messaging system. You cannot assume that your private email account is enough, and the host for your website cannot provide a HIPAA compliant system for you. You must ensure that you have chosen the proper service, and these articles explain how you will find such a system.

#1: The Service Must Be Its Own Software

You must choose a service that offers software you may download on any computer in your office. You may give everyone in the office their own login, and you may download the system on all the computers that need it. You cannot use the system unless it is on every computer, and you will have much better results when you have chosen a universal system that works for everyone.

#2: The Software Must Be Affordable

The software that you choose must be affordable for your business. You know how much you can afford to spend, and you may avoid any systems that you believe cost too much money. You cannot expect to get this system for free, but you may not spend a lot of money. The right system gives you a nice combination of options and price, but you need to read through every software package to learn what it does. Anything that does not meet with your standards must be removed from your list for consideration.

#3: The Capacity

Every system will tell you what its capacity is, and you must choose the system that can handle the number of messages you send every day. You know how large the files you send are, and you must select a system that will allow you send everything you need in one message. Splitting up your messages is a waste of your time, and your
colleagues may not understand what you are sending. This is especially troubling when you are sending file images.

securityThe HIPAA compliant messaging system you choose must be designed to help you send secure messages over secure servers. Anyone who is invested in one of these systems will find that they can send messages safely, and you will have the price and capacity you need for every message.